Can you imagine a world without California Citrus?Can you imagine a world without California Citrus?

Why Citrus Matters

The scent of orange blossoms in the spring air. That first refreshing sip of lemonade on a hot summer day. The zest of a lime on your fish tacos. Peeling a juicy navel orange and sharing it with your kids at the end of their soccer game. These are all memories fueled by the citrus fruits we love. Now, can you imagine a world without your favorite California citrus?

With your help, hopefully we will never have to. Spread the word about #CitrusMatters to your family, friends, neighbors and local farmers so that we all can be aware of HLB and the Asian citrus psyllid. Although there is no cure for this disease, preventive measures are key to stopping the spread.

Share the images below to help bring awareness and save California citrus!

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